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Yoga is Ibiza, by Verónica Salas

We love yoga and want to share it with you

Parivrtta ashta chandrasana. Yoga classes at Apartamentos Ros (Ibiza)
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Yoga Classes in Ros Apartments

free of charge for our guests

subject to availability, schedules and capacity

Yoga practice in Apartamentos Ros Ibiza

· More than just a workout

Practicing yoga goes far beyond physical exercise. This discipline works on the physical aspect as well as the mental and spiritual, releasing tensions and allowing the practitioner to listen to his own body, with respect and sensitivity.

· Revamped strength

Imagine taking care of your body and mind by feeling the Ibiza sun on your skin, letting yourself be carried away by the relaxing music and fresh air. We offer the possibility to practice Hatha Yoga and Hatha Vinyasa Yoga in our facilities or outdoors.

· Tailored classes

To enjoy this wonderful experience, ask us for the schedule upon your arrival. We do sessions at dawn, on the beach, by our pool, ... At the end of the practice, we will enjoy a refreshing tea.