Few steps away from the beach.
60 to 65 meters (2 bedroom apartments).
2 bedroom apartments with sea views.
24 h reception service.

Ibiza Island, privileged for its situation in the Mediterranea sea, was de meeting point one of diferent civilizations, which introduced culture and history in this maravellous land. Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs and Christians, colonized this island and gave it force and magnetism.

But, what can we visit in Santa Eulalia besides its warm and quite beaches?

Ethnological Museum. It is and old tipical field house. You´ll find there tipical clothes, jobs and parts of houses in that time. It´s situated on the Puig de Misa of Santa Eulalia.

Puig de Misa. It´s a defense construction from XVI th century. It´s situated on the top of a hill and you have a nice view of Santa Eulalia from this point. It represents its vocation to be a defense construction against pirates who sailed to the island.

Barrau Museum. It´s got pictures of the catalan paintes Laureà Barrau, who lived more than 20 years in the island, captivated with its beauty. It is part of the catalan pictorial movement of Modernismo, although some people think that his pictures have their own personality.

Sportive Port. Situated at the end of the long walkway opposite the sea. Quiet and with excellent restaurants and shops where you can taste the best dishes and do your best purchases. The sportive port of Santa Eulalia has de most modern facilities of Ibiza Island. With nautical school where you can rent quiet boat sailings. You´ve got diary boats which sail to Formentera Island. You can get some information on the reception desk.